We would like to explain why there is a cost associated with accessing and using the server.

Running a server involves various expenses, such as hardware maintenance, software updates, security measures, and network infrastructure. This does not include all the time spent designing the site.

Considering these factors, we have set the suggestion server donation at $250.

The $250 donation will allow us to donate server resources to you.

These costs ensure that the server operates reliably. Additionally, by limiting the users on the server, bandwidth will be freed upon and provide more optimal conditions.

We will offer you a 24-hour trial access to our services, available by emailing your name and phone number to RadOncU@gmail.com.

However, please note that after the 24-hour trial period, your account will be temporarily locked until you donate to us, so we can donate server resources to you.

Please note that no exceptions will be made regarding the access fee. If anyone asks for a discount, the price will double for that person.

We understand that everyone has different circumstances, but in order to maintain fairness and sustainability, we cannot make individual exceptions.

Email RadOncU@gmail.com with questions.

Please send BTC or ETH using following address to get access

BTC address


ETH address


Please email RadOncU@gmail.com with your name and phone number. Once we confirm the donation, login information will be provided within 24 hours.